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How a longstanding friendship became a culinary kingdom…

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How a longstanding friendship became a culinary kingdom…

Kim and Long had known each other for ages. As best friends they share a lot of things, their profession, too. Kim – born in Germany – with a Vietnamese background – gives a Japanese and Thai touch to his art of cooking. Jong – born in Austria – with a Chinese background – is influenced by his Italian wife. Both had been travelling all over the world and have seen and experienced a lot.

So much of Asia and much of international cooking – what could be better but a fusion of their similiar, but different streams, experiences, know-hows and art of cooking? No sooner said than done!

Now it was up to find out the right name. Why not FUSION? Kim and Long was merged to “King-Fusion”.

Kingfusion Düsseldorf Ambiente
Beef Salat


Experience and professionality.

Celebrate guests expect exclusive service. Our qualified, attentive waiters will serve you the creations of our elected Sushi Master Kim. Our selected wines are proffered by our professional sommelier. Our top-class bar keeper will mix classic and trendy cocktails exclusively for you. Face the fine food of King-Fusion.